What is a Thinking School

The world is a constantly changing place in terms of communication, technology and global opportunities. For this reason, the education system that we provide for our children must also change.

There are many definitions as to what exactly a Thinking School is. At TSIA we believe that a Thinking School is where all members give careful thought to everything that takes place. A Thinking School is a place that encourages both students and staff to think critically, creatively and reflectively ensuring that its’ curriculum is meaningful and focuses on skills and techniques and not solely on content.  Pupils in a Thinking School are encouraged to develop and demonstrate independent and co-operative learning skills; using a range of thinking tools and strategies within an atmosphere where high levels of achievement, enjoyment and satisfaction in lifelong learning are encouraged. (Adapted from Burden 2006)

At TSIA we believe that by teaching thinking and encouraging pupils to think about thinking, they will become better learners. Understanding the thinking processes will enable pupils to learn faster and more effectively.  Teachers in a Thinking School support pupils in recognizing how they learn and therefore enabling them to achieve their potential. Thinking about thinking better prepares pupils for lifelong learning and the changing workplace.