TSIA Approach

Growing Thinking School from the Inside Out

TSIA strongly believes in facilitation and working in collaboration with our school partners and regional trainers to ensure that we all sustain the integrity of our purpose and the high quality of our change processes. At every level of our training process, every person has a clear road map and support resources for where they are going – with access to the expanding TSIA resources and network.

Embedded in our training courses, guides and processes is the use of research on learning and thinking . A high percentage of the training we provide is focused on discussion, practice by doing and immediate use of strategies and models for thinking.

Schools who are taking a whole-school approach to the development of Thinking Skills are seeing raised attainment, improved motivation, concentration and greater independence in learning. The culture of schools has changed to one where the teacher and students work together and place thinking at the centre of the curriculum.


Transforming a school

Any school considering embarking on the thinking school journey must be fully aware of the commitment involved. Transformation cannot take place within a short period of time. At TSIA, we suggest a timeframe of at least three years to fully embed thinking skills across the whole school successfully. This allows for a year for each thinking ‘pathway’ to become firmly established throughout the school.



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