The TSIA Team

  Joseph Pine
Principal at Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok
Joseph worked in UK schools for over 15 years as both a classroom teacher and administrator before moving to Thailand in 2009. During his time in the UK Joseph was involved in several thinking projects in a number of schools and he began to develop his own ideas and interests around the positive impact the implementation of a thinking skills approach can have in the classroom. In his role as Head teacher, Joseph led Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok, towards becoming the first Thinking School in Asia, accredited by the University of Exeter. Joseph now has a dual role as Principal of Amnuay Silpa School and CEO of Thinking Schools International Asia.
  Petchuda Kesprayura
Director TSIA
CEO Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok
Petchuda inherited her title as an educator both by being the third generation in her family to govern the legendary Amnuay Silpa School and by successfully pioneering modern education in Thailand.  Her roles in Thai Education include establishing one of the first and best performing bilingual programmes in Thailand.  Always looking for more effective learning, Petchuda and her leadership team have successfully introduced the effective Synchronized Dual Teaching Model at ANS, innovated a Thai-UK Curriculum and become the first centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations established in a bilingual school.
  Richard Cummins
Director TSIA
CEO Thinking Schools International (UK)
Richard worked in UK schools for twenty years before working for a regional education authority where he began to develop his ideas to develop thinking skills. Together with Professor Robert Burden of the University of Exeter he has developed an approach which is having significant impact on the teaching of thinking in schools in the UK and globally including the very exciting I-Think project in Malaysia. Here TSI is working with the Malaysian government to transform 10 000 schools into Thinking Schools.
  Dr. David Hyerle
Director TSIA
Director/Research and Development – TSI (UK)
David is the developer of the Thinking Maps model and author of the primary training resources for implementing Thinking Maps. Presently, David is the President of Designs for Thinking and Founding Director of Thinking Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting research, development and advocacy for thinking as being the foundation for schools around the world. David’s groundbreaking book titled ‘Visual Tools for Constructing Knowledge 1996) focused on the comprehensive research-based practices of how teachers facilitate creativity, analytical thinking, conceptual understanding and ‘systems thinking’ using visual tools.