Improving Academic Performance

A report carried out by Thinking Schools International and the University of Exeter, evaluated the impact of the Thinking School Approach. 90% of all accredited schools reported an improvement in the quality of teaching and learning. 89% of schools stated that the Thinking School Approach raised attainment.

Developing Thinking Skills

The world is a constantly changing place in terms of technology, communication and global opportunities. Preparing pupils for an unknown workplace requires the development of thinking skills that can be applied to any context. Static knowledge that is simply recalled is not adequate for the 21st Century Learner.

Applying Visual Thinking

Thinking through visual processing using the part of the brain that is creative and emotional. This enables students to organise information in an intuitive and simultaneous way using techniques such as David Hyerle’s language of Thinking Maps ®

Engaging Habits of Mind

“Habits of Mind are the characteristics of what intelligent people do when they are confronted with problems, the resolutions of which are not immediately apparent” Art Costa ®

Transforming Whole Schools

Based on research and evidence, TSIA supports a process of developing the culture of schools and to this end has designed a process of transformation for schools that wish to create collaborative networks, stimulating learning environments and are prepared to challenge and review their practices in the interests of 21st Century Learners.

Increasing Enquiry Teaching

Methods of enquiry engage deep questioning techniques and when classrooms become enquiring communities they are extending a long, philosophical tradition for thinking together, exploring new possibilities and bring together a collective wisdom about an idea or concept. Philosophy for Children ® refine these processes at every level.


Buranarumluk School joins the Thinking School Network in Asia

TSIA is delighted to welcome Buranarumluk School in the Southern Thai Province of Trang to the network of schools in the Thinking School Programme. A series of training events delivered by TSIA trainers has taken place during this academic year, including a recent visit by some of the Drive Team at Buranarumluk School to Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok – the First Thinking School in Asia and the Hub of Excellence for TSIA.

Two further Thai schools are expected to join the programme in the coming academic year in May 2016.